Oklahoma State University


Cooperative Utilization of Resources
• Interdepartmental
          -- Strengthen relationship with IT Division
          -- Departmental administration
                         -- Planning and purchasing
          -- First-line contacts
• Intradepartmental
          -- Utilize each other's talents as a team
• Extra-campus
          -- Vendors
          -- Partnering

Commitment to specific response times
• Multimedia classrooms and teaching labs: 15 minutes
• Acknowledgement of voicemail or fax: 4 working hours
• Acknowledgement of email: 24 working hours
• Desk-side response (if necessary): 2 working days to 3 weeks

Commitment to realistic timeline for resolutions
• All emergency or high priority tickets should have appointment or task set on your calendar
• Document all changes in priority
• Don't put it off just because you don't feel like doing it, or you aren't sure how to proceed

Increase communication tools and disseminate information to the college
• Types of information
            -- Available resources
                    -- Web page
                    -- Other tools we may develop
            -- Ongoing projects
            -- Product information & pricing for recommended products
            -- Common problems and solutions
                    -- Login problems
                    -- Tip sheets

Personalize our support service
• Leave business cards
• Build rapport with clients
            -- Introduce yourself
            -- Periodic check-ins
                    -- If you're in the area, drop by
• Be understanding, personable and professional