Oklahoma State University


New Computers:
Pre-purchase consulting (assessment, advice, quote preparation)
Configuration and Setup (delivery, software installation, network configuration, peripheral setup)

Existing Computers:
Upgrades to Software (operating systems, applications)
Upgrades to Hardware (printer, scanner, memory, hard drive)
Hardware Repair or Replacement (troubleshoot problems and assist in ordering new if necessary)
Software Analysis (troubleshoot software incompatibilities, re-installations)
Facilitate Warranty Work and Serve as Liaison with vendors
(provide loaner equipment when available, spare parts inventory)

Computer Labs, Multimedia Classrooms and Carts:
Pre-purchase consulting
Design assistance
Computer and peripheral installation
Software installation and configuration
Upgrade and replacement consulting
Maintenance (Emergency and Scheduled)

Local Area Network Servers:
Apple OS X system administration
Apple share/IP server administration
Server configurations and upgrades

Educational Volume Software:
Coordinate volume software purchases for titles not available through Information Technology Division (IT)

Technical Services Website:
Event postings
Important links
Staff information