Oklahoma State University
Inventory Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is being collected?

The application is collecting information about your hardware, devices, and software currently installed on the system. No personal information is being collected and your files, caches, or histories are not being collected. You can see a sample of the information collected in the following PDF file.

Can I see what information was collected specifically from my system?

Certainly, please just send us an email to cas-help@okstate.edu requesting a copy of the information and which computer you would like it for. We will fulfill these requests as quickly as possible.

What if I don’t want to use these tools as provided?
If you simply wish to have one of our technicians come and inventory your systems, please contact x6844 to have that appointment arranged.

If you choose not to utilize the tools provided, and wish to send the information manually, you are free to do so. (Assuming your Dept Head has not stipulated the use of this tool.)  In this event, we will need the following information collected and sent to

Computer Name, Location, Serial Number, Model, Manufacturer, Processor model / speed, Hard Disk capacities, Memory Configuration, Video Card Model / Vram Size, Installed OS, Monitor Size/Make/Model/Serial, Computer Purchase Date, and a full list of all Major software applications installed (MS Office, SPSS, etc…)

The application did not do what the instructions show, or it said it was complete too quickly to have done anything (less than 5 seconds).

Unfortunately there will be times when the application fails to collect data as it is designed to do. In these cases, please contact CAS Technical Services (cas-help@okstate.edu or x6844) and we will make sure that either the information was indeed collected, or notify a technician who can assist your individual case directly.

What internet browsers work with the tools?
The most commonly used browsers work with the tools.  Such as internet explorer, mozilla firefox, safari, and google chrome.

What if I am using Linux?

If you are using Linux then our tools will not work for you at this time.  You will need to manually submit the following information to cas-help@okstate.edu.  Computer Name, Location, Serial Number, Model, Manufacturer, Processor model/speed, Hard disk drive capacities, Memory Configuration, Video Card Model / Vram Size, Monitor Size/Make/Model/Serial Number, Computer Purchase Date, and full list of all major software applications installed, and operating system.